How to Perfect Your Adwords Strategy

When you’re starting out online, Adwords can get you some business right away.

It brings you targeted traffic, and when you choose the right keywords, those consumers are more likely to convert.

But, before you start spending money on it though; it’s best to have a winning Adwords strategy.

House on water - best adwords strategy

It’s All About Keywords

It’s also pretty simple, do your keyword research.

Before you do anything else, find out what your consumers are searching for on Google. Google uses the keywords to know which ads to show their users.

When you find relevant keywords, make sure you use them in your ad’s text. Google will highlight those words when displaying your ads.

Don’t Go Overboard with Keywords

Keywords are important, but don’t get crazy with it. It’s better to have a lot of groups of keywords than have a limited number of groups with a lot of keywords under them.

If you have too many keywords, look through the search volume and cut out the ones that are too competitive. You don’t ever want to get in a bidding war with people, so it’s best to shoot for the lower volume keywords first.

Show Google You Have What Your Consumers Want

Google determines which ads to show by click through rate (CTR).

For you to get a high CTR, you will need to be seen by your consumers. Bid high at first, so Google will put you first. That way you’ll get a high CTR, which will signal Google to show your ads to more users.

You can then lower your bid because Google will take care of the ad placement based on that initial high CTR.

A High Daily Budget Works Best

The higher your budget, the more consumers will see your ad. If you have it too low, you run the risk of Google not showing your ad to enough people.

Set the budget to as high as you can manage to get the most visibility and clicks.

Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can save you a lot of money, so make sure you understand this way to narrow your ad campaign to focus on only consumers interested in your products and services.

Negative keywords are those that are usually included when people search for something similar to your products and services.

For example, if you’re selling dog food, you may find that you have a lot of people searching for organic dog food. Since you do not sell organic dog food, you should indicate organic as the negative keyword.

This would be typed out like this: -organic. Each line indicates another keyword you do not want your ad shown for when someone types it in the search bar.

Make Sure Your Landing Page Converts

When someone clicks on the ad, it’s all up to the landing page if the person buys. Make sure the landing page matches the ads you are running.

People do not want to think they are about to learn more about one product, but then be presented with something completely different. This frustrates them and they are more likely to leave the landing page.

Test, Adjust, and Repeat

Don’t just display one ad for each group you create.

Come up with multiple ads and have Google rotate them. You can then track the results of each one to see which ones get the most clicks and lead to conversion. When you find that out, you can go back, keep the ads that work best and test some more.

You should continue to do this regularly. It’s the best way to ensure you’re getting the best results for your Adwords campaign.


With this strategy, you’ll be able to see better results from your Adwords campaign. As you work with your ads, you’ll start to notice that there are certain ads that work better than others, and that will get you closer to the perfect Adwords strategy. will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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