How To Change Google Plus Page URL

I just setup my first Page on Google Plus and immediately searched my profile for the option to set a custom URL (vanity URL) for my Google Plus Page. It took about 10 minutes to realize that there’s no such option.

A quick Google search led me to a service called which allows you create a short URL which redirects to your Google Plus page. I should note this is not a Google product or service. However, since my goal was really just to have a shorter URL which I can remember and is easy to type in, the service met my needs.

I’m surprised that Google doesn’t offer this key feature yet. It’s possible that some users do have this feature enabled on their account, but I did not. Have you changed your Google Plus page URL yet? If not, why? will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

29 thoughts on “How To Change Google Plus Page URL

    1. Ketul – Since it’s going to your Google+ page, it really doesn’t matter. Google doesn’t care how people get on your google+ page, they care more about the activity and engagement on your page.

  1. it’s so sad to learn that google has provided no provision for URL customisation and I have been on this for over 2 hours.

    Well Charlie, if one will not lose SEO credits, then there’s no problem with it.

  2. Thanks for this, saved me an amount of time on trying to get a URL, thought it was having a slow brain day when I couldn’t figure out how to change it myself!! THANK YOU!!

  3. Thanks Charlie! I did find this manual by Google

    But it doesn’t make any sense, it’s not possible to follow the steps described in the manual.. at least I couldn’t find a box that says Page URL in my Page settings… But maybe this doesn’t refer to Google + but some other pages service by google? Confusing though..

    Strange indeed that google doesn’t provide a clear option for this I wonder why? FB which, I take it, is their main rival for pages does provide this option..

    1. Hey DJ Socrates – I actually ran into the same issue you did before I figured out the alternative. I’m surprised Google+ hasn’t caught onto this annoying URL thing. After all, a vanity URL is one quick way to get more people to sign up to Google+. Guess we’ll all have to wait it out until they get to that point. Until then, we have a workaround. Cheers!

    1. Hi Frank – This is just a short url to your profile page (similar to bitly or any other url shortener). As for actual +1’s, those would be processed through the Google+ API and you would get credit for them.

  4. Erm.. DJ and others
    Those instructions to change a URL from Google are nothing to do with Google+ URLS this is for Google Sites, a completely different product, no wonder you don’t find those options DAH!!!

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