Optimize your Landing Page

10 Ways You Can Optimize Your Landing Page

A landing page has one goal – to make the visitor take action.

By take action I mean provide you with an email address, phone number, or make a purchase. However, designing a landing page can be daunting.

I know in my experience, designing a landing page can be tricky.

There is a fine line between good and bad.

Plus, how are you supposed to include attractive design, simplicity and your killer converting message in one page?

To help solve this landing page puzzle, I’ve put together 10 tips to keep in mind while you are busy planning and designing.

Optimize your Landing Page

Optimizing a Landing Page for Optimal Conversion

Convert visitors to your site by implementing these 10 ways to optimize your landing page.

1. Implement Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are important to rank highly on search engines.

Use them in headlines, text, and in the benefits section of your landing page. The images you use should also be optimized using keywords in the filename, alt text, and description. You should make sure you’ve used your keyword in your meta title and description too.

Social media sharing is important, so consider including your social networks on the page somewhere and marketing your landing pages on social media.

2. Ensure the Landing Page is Simple

People don’t like webpages that overwhelm them. You need to have a simple design that gives visitors the information they need easily.

People should have no problem knowing what the page is about in less than one minute. People will remain on the site for two minutes or more when they are engaged in the content and are completing the action you want them to on your landing page.

The real test is getting them past that first minute and you do that by having an attractive page.

3. Use a Clear, Large Headline

The headline should tell visitors exactly what they will receive on the page. People will look at the headline first, so make sure it engages your target audience.

4. Include Details

A headline won’t be enough. You need to include the details. Don’t make it too long. Just give people the facts and enough information to make them yearn for more.

5. Call to Action

After you give them a taste of what they want, you need a call to action. Get people to click on it by making the icon or wording enticing.

6. Add a Video

People love videos because it gives them a different perspective. The video should be short and informative.

This is a great way to include interactive content into your landing page as well.

7. Add Images

Images make people happy because they like how attractive they are on a page. Don’t use too many images, but use enough of them to engage your audience.

8. Include Testimonials

People always want to know what others think, so make sure to put testimonials on your landing page. Don’t include too many or people will just think you’re making them up. One or two testimonials are enough.

9. Use Bullet Points

Bullet points give your visitors information quickly.

They are attracted to this type of text because they like to scan.

It’s best to have a call to action somewhere near bullet points because most people’s emotions and motivation will be high after reading the exciting benefits of what you want them to receive or purchase.

10. Test, Adjust, and Publish

A/B testing is the most common method for analyzing the success of a page.

You use one landing page as a control and another one that is completely different. You continue to change the second page until it surpasses the number of conversions the control page receives.

You can then make that second one live and start another landing page to test out different designs to see if you can boost conversions even more.

Multivariate testing is another method. This also uses a control page along with many other pages.

Those pages don’t have as many changes, so it can be more difficult to convert more visitors. The advantage of using this testing is that you can find slight problems with a page that can make a big difference in the conversion rate.

Optimize Your Landing Page Today

A site should have many landing pages to increase conversion rates. As you are adding landing pages to your site, make sure to implement the suggestions here to optimize them.

How many of these ways have you used to optimize your landing pages? Do you have anything else to add? Please leave a comment below.


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