How Color Choices Affect Consumers and Your Conversions

People are attracted to pretty things. As soon as someone sees something pleasing to their eyes, they naturally want to know more about it. This goes for just about everything from entertainment to making a purchase.

In fact, 84.7% of consumers say that they buy something because of color. That’s why understanding how colors affect consumers choices to purchase is important.

You’d likely want to include these color strategies to boost your website conversion or your content conversion rates. Any way you can better reach your customers is a good thing.

Amsterdam - How Color Choices Affect Consumers and Your Conversions

Companies around the world are always doing research. They test colors on advertisements and call to action buttons to see what makes some of them more effective than others. Many times, it’s the color of them that leads to a favorable action.

In fact, HubSpot recently reported that their study revealed red call-to-action buttons perform better than green ones do by about 21%. With that knowledge, people can start to make their call-to-action buttons red to improve conversion rates.

Just knowing what color to make your call-to-action button isn’t going to make you wildly successful though.

It’s important that you have more information on how you can attract your consumers through the attractiveness of your ads and websites. The more you know, the more you can design your marketing around effective colors.

Think of color as a piece of the puzzle. By itself it won’t do very much.

But combined with good marketing copy, great design, and awesome placement it may be the last piece you need to see some great results.

Using Color to Boost Conversions

When designing ads for online and offline use, stick with color ones.

While you may have to spend more money on them, people read colored ads 42% more than black and white ones. This is probably because colored ads boost comprehension, learning and reading significantly as you will learn below.

The best color choices for web design ads are: Red, Yellow, Blue.

Why These Colors Work


Evokes emotions, increases passion and can even lead to an appetite. That’s perfect for those involved in the restaurant or food industry. It also symbolizes love, which can boost the success of industries that have to do with relationships.

Red can be motivating too. Research has shown that it increases heart rate and can cause shoppers to become impulsive. This makes perfect sense why call-to-action buttons that are red are much more effective.


A warm, happy color. It makes people feel tired, but it can stimulate mental processes and the nervous system. It can increase communication too.

Yellow tends to make people feel more optimistic and grabs the attention of people who may not be looking to buy. People usually find that yellow helps people have more clarity about a service or product, which can lead them to buy.


Preferred by men. It’s a cold color that can increase productivity. This is why it’s often used in offices.

Marketers use the color for a target audience that is mostly men because it influences their needs to be productive and successful. What’s even better is that it gives people a sense of security and trust for a brand.How Color Choices For Web Design

Other Colors to Try

While red, yellow and blue are the most effective colors, you’re not stuck with them. There are three other colors you may want to consider. Those are orange, green and purple.


Exciting and warm, which many people find effective in motivating people to buy because they feel confident in making a purchase.


Signifies health and tranquility, so people are motivated to buy because they are relaxed and feel that the brand is good for them.


Often used in royalty and beauty. It gives people a sense that a brand is wise and will help them spiritually and creatively. Those looking for those benefits are more likely to buy.

Color Choices For Web Design

Choosing the Best Colors for Your Brand

Think about your brand and what your target audience wants to feel when they are about to make a purchase. This is how you can determine which colors you should use. When you figure out what works best with your consumers, I hope you’ll start to see your conversion rates increase.

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