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6 Top Firefox Add-Ons for Web Designers

Firefox is one of the best web browsers you can use right now. Most people love it so much is because of the large library of add-ons available. However, because there are so many you can’t realistically look at them all.

Imagine going through dozens of add-ons to determine which ones are the best and capable of helping you the most. That’s a pretty big time commitment.

That’s why we have decided to help you by giving our recommendations on the best firefox add ons for web designers. I strongly encourage you to use all or some of these add-ons and reap the rewards as I have.


ColorPicker is one of the great firefox add ons for web designers. Use it when you want to find out what color someone has used on their website. It’s simple to use. Click on the extension and then the color you are interested in using.

It will automatically copy the short, simple source code to your clipboard. It will be in CSS/HTML format to make it easy to use.

colorPicker - firefox add ons for web designer


ColorZilla is like ColorPicker, but the last time it had an update was in 2012. This could result in some issues with the coding you receive when trying to get a color.

Give it a try though because it may work fine for your needs. Personally, I use ColorZilla and have never had any notable issues.

Colorzilla - firefox add ons for web designer


Firebug is great! It isn’t obviously a firefox add ons for web designers but it’s invaluable for a full front end designer.

You can inspect HTML and modify the style and layout of a site in real time. You can use the JavaScript debugger that’s more advanced than others out there today.

However, there are a lot of other features available and you can continue to add to it depending on your needs.

This is a highly valuable add on.

Firebug - firefox add ons for web designer


Have you ever wished you could save a webpage as an image? Maybe you want to showcase it to prospective buyers? Screengrab will do exactly that for you.

Download Screengrab from the Mozilla add-ons section, go to the site you want to “grab” and then click on the extension. You will then be able to save the website as an image. It’s very easy to use!

Screengrab - firefox add ons for web designer

Awesome Screenshot Plus

Screengrab is great to just capture an image of a website, but Awesome Screenshot Plus does so much more. You can capture the site and then annotate it. It includes rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text. You can even blur information you don’t want people to see and upload the work you’ve done to share with others.

Just imagine how easy this will make things when you want to suggest changes to a client. You can mark the site up and really show him or her what your ideas are for a project.

Personally, I use Awesome Screenshot Plus and I think it works great. I like the annotation options and the different ways you can capture the scree. Every image you see on my blog that came from another website was taken using Awesome Screenshot. It makes this process super fast and easy.

Awesome Screenshot Plus - firefox add ons for web designer


This extension is awesome because it helps you save money and time. Have you ever went to checkout and wanted to use a coupon code, but you had to either write it down or memorize it because it won’t copy and paste? That can be annoying when you have to go back and forth.

Or, have you ever gone to a checkout page and wished you knew a coupon code you could enter and save yourself some valuable cash?

With Honey, you don’t have to do anything but click one button. When on a checkout page, Honey will automatically place a box in the top right. Simply click on that button and Honey will automatically try 10-20 coupon codes for your order and apply the best one at the end of the process.

Honey is one of my personal favorites. There really is nothing better than an extension that saves you time and money, especially when it’s free. I use it to buy domains from GoDaddy for $1-$2. Those domains can really add up if you buy a lot.

The extension can be especially useful if you’re trying to bootstrap a project. It greatly reduces the cost of things like hosting and domain purchases. And it’s really for anyone, not just for web designers.

Seriously, get Honey.

Honey - firefox add ons for web designer

As mentioned above, there are many other great firefox add ons for web designesrs out there. Some you may even wonder how you ever got by without them.

These will get you started or just add to your current library of add-ons. Some of them you’ll think are perfect for you, while others you’ll want something more or less. You won’t know until you give them a try, so go ahead and do that now.

What are your favorite add ons for Firefox? Have you used any of the ones we listed here? What were your experiences? Speak your mind below!


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