Easy Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Website’s Speed

Looking for quick tips and idea on how to optimize your WordPress blog and make it run and load faster?

Well, you are in the right corner of the Internet.

What you asking is quite simple and easy as there are proven and easy tricks to optimize your WordPress website and make it run smoothly on even the slowest connections.

You especially want to optimize it the best you can for the sake of mobile and tablet users.


Google Page Speed – Simplest Way To Optimize Your WordPress Site!

Page Speed Online is a free and effective tool for webmasters and developers to check the speed rating of their website.

The application will give a score out of 100 and make suggestion on what to fix in order to make the website run faster. The suggestions are listed into the categories:

  • High¬†Priority
  • Medium Priority
  • Low Priority

And generally you want to stick to their list as the low priority warnings are more experimental and do not make sure a huge difference once fixed.

Here is an example report of a small entertainment portal that runs via WordPress:

optimize your wordpress blog
75 out 100 isn’t so bad, but…

Once you click on the warnings on the side you will also get an explanation on how to fix the issue which is really great and handy!

Optimize Your WordPress Blog By Optimizing Your Images

Everyone wants high quality and high resolution images on their site because they look great and all, but they just make the website run slow and eat your bandwidth.

Most Internet users won’t wait more then 5 seconds for a page to load and will look for what they want somewhere else.

optimize images on web page
Be smart!

For this reasons you should make sure to optimize:

  • Background images (using some patterns would be¬†proffered)
  • Logo and header images
  • Images and photographs in posts

By optimizing images one considers you either make them smaller in width and length or make them smaller in file size. You can use Photoshop’s Save For Web option and similar software to optimize your images.

You can shrink a 300kb photo to 65kb without too much loss in quality very easily and it isn’t that relevant to the post anyway since the visitors are probably more interested in the content you wrote than the aesthetic¬†images.

 Use Caching On Your Pages

You must use plug-ins like the WP Super Cache if you want your visitors to really have a good experience using your website.

Caching is a very important factor if you want to optimize a high traffic site. That’s where these plug-ins come into play as they will generally create .html files for each post and page, and it will serve these html files instead of making the database queries every time.

Minimize Your CSS

Considered to be medium priority, but is such an easy task to perform that there is no need to ignore it.

The problem of minifying your CSS can be solved by using a simple CSS compressor that delivers excellent results. The smaller the code the less requests will be made to the database and thus your site will run and load faster to visitors.

minify you css and optimize your wordpress blog
An example of a CSS code being optimized

Monitor The Competition

Use the free tool Which Loads Faster? to compare your website with other, especially your competition.

Monitor as each optimization you perform increases your website’s speed and ranking while comparing to others.



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