How to Create Content on a Budget

How to Create Content on a Budget

Just like most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to content for your website. Now, how can you create high quality content on a budget? High quality content can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Of course, most entrepreneurs starting out do not have this kind of budget, but they do understand the importance of quality content and its relation to online marketing success. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a ton of money to have great content on your site. You can do it for much less money, and sometimes even for free. Here, we give you our tips and techniques for how to do just that – create content on a budget.

How to Create Content on a Budget

Create Content on Your Own

Free high quality content comes right from your fingertips. Yes, that means you! And yes, that means you’ll have to write it. When you write blog posts, website pages, white papers, and press releases yourself, you don’t spend a dime. However, you will be spending your time, which in my mind and hopefully in the minds of other entrepreneurs is in fact another form of currency. This is something you need to consider as a business owner. Is the time cost of you creating your content less than you paying someone else for the same level of quality? If the answer is yes, then you ought to get typing! Depending on how good of a writer you are and how much time you spend on research, you may end up with the same level of quality as you would paying the big bucks.

The problem is that some people do not have the talent and/or skill to write well. They end up with content that doesn’t give their consumers what they want and need (always shoot for high quality rather than high quantity). This can be devastating to an online marketing campaign.

Another time related problem is that some people just don’t have it. It does take a rather large time investment to write amazing content. While running a business, it can be almost impossible to publish content on a regular basis that’s why it’s important to create a content marketing strategy.

What do you do if you have one or both of these problems? Unfortunately, you’ll have to find someone else to create your content that fits your budget.

Use Freelance Writers

The freelance writing industry has exploded since business owners realized they needed a website and content on it to convert consumers or gather leads. Many freelance writers have honed their skills for online writing, so they can stay one step ahead of others who are competing with them for work. They have followed what Google has identified as quality standards for content. They have also figured out what Internet users want when they turn to a search engine for information.

Finding good freelance writers willing to write for low cost can be difficult though. Many times, you will find writers who can’t write well or won’t write well for an extended period of time. They lose interest or just find other opportunities. This is not to say you can’t find freelance writers that will stick with you for a long time and work at a reduced cost. You just need to know where to look.

The best place to find freelance writers is LinkedIn. This professional social network is the perfect place to review writers’ profiles to find out whether they are serious about their profession. You can also find out if they have knowledge specific to your industry, which is important when it comes to writing authoritative content. If LinkedIn doesn’t work out for you try looking at places like oDesk, eLance, and Freelancer. These options will definitely require due diligence on your part.

Turn to Content Writing Companies

Content writing companies often charge more for their services because they use writers with a great deal of experience. It’s convenient because you don’t have to worry about finding writers or ending up with no content because the person you found decided to stop working for you. The best way to maximize your expenses using a content writing company is by buying in bulk. Usually, you can receive a discount for your bulk order. This can make your purchase for high quality content much more reasonable and affordable. For example, check out these content writing companies for a start:,, and Demand Media Studios. It may be more affordable than you thought; however, we encourage you to do your own research when it comes to picking out a content writing company.

Internships/College Students

This is a slightly more risky option but I think it’s something worth mentioning. At colleges there are no shortage of smart, talented, and hardworking students that are frantically looking for jobs (at fairly low rates). You may want to reach out to some of the universities in your area or college job boards to see if any students would be interested in creating content for your business. Reaching out to relevant professors/departments might be a good way to start this process. Obviously, you would first want to reach out to creative writing and English departments/professors. However, if for example, you need content relevant to the tech industry you might  reach out to the Computer Science department in search of a Comp Sci student with a knack for writing. A great source for internships (finding and posting) is

Shop Around for Budget Friendly Content

Budget friendly content is available. You just have to look for it. Use the suggestions here, and don’t stop searching for freelance writers or a content writing company until you find something that falls within your budget. Until then, you may have to write your own content. Even if it’s not perfect, the content you deliver will serve a purpose, as long as you provide information your consumers will appreciate. Think about what your consumers really want to know about your products and services and tell them. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of content and it will just continue to grow as you find budget friendly writers. Don’t forget, in most cases you can edit your content after it is published. This is especially true for blog posts. Always aim for creating high quality content but being a perfectionist will only keep you from getting anything done.

How have you managed to create content on a budget for your business? Have you used any of the techniques we mentioned above? Which worked best? Let us know in the comments below! will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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