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75 Top Site Directories to Submit Your Site Designs, Part 1

Design directories are great for exposing yourself as a designer, gathering more followers to your design blog, finding clients or just building good quality backlinks.

Either way, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to get the extra attention.

Most sites offer free submission, but some are paid services. There are also a lot of sites that gives rewards out to the best designs. Here is part 1 of our list of the top 100 web design directory sites.

CSSAwards claims to have the best collection of CSS websites around the world. If you could get a daily feature, then you would surely expose yourself to a large audience.

design directories css awards - website design directory list

CSS Design Awards¬†is a free directory which also gives daily features to the best sites. Their big¬†gallery¬†can give you a lot of good ideas in case you have an artist’s block.

css design awards - website design directory list

aWWWards¬†is a site where one can’t get featured easily. Still, it is worth a shot and could help you make some interesting contacts.

design awards

The FWA has been running since 2010 and is a great website that you would like to be featured on. This is not easily though.

the fwa

NewWebPick is very nice site and offers free registration. Worth the time of registering and submitting your site for sure!

awards css

Web Creme tries to be one of the most inspiring CSS galleries on the web. This site can bring you quite some attention too.

css gallery submission

Best Web Gallery offers you to submit your site free, without even registering.

UnmatchedStyle is free and has a great blogging community as well. It is a nice site to follow if you are web designer.

style gallary

The Design Inspiration is a great website that features a lot of categories and other forms of design such as logo design.

design inspiration

CSS Showcase is a site that could use a better design itself, but due to its high traffic and authority you should certainly submit your site over here.

css gallery

CSS Cake lets your enjoy of slice of e-cake by letting your submit your design free of charge. They have high standards though.

css cake

CSS Winner chooses a new features design every day. While submitting is free, there are a lot of details to give out and the standards are quite high.

css awards websites

CSS Heaven is great site with a gallery of many features designs for inspiration. Contact the staff about getting your up there!

design css gallery

Browser Shots is another website that could use better design itself, still, all that link juice and attention could be yours!

web design gallery

CSS Luxury is great project and contains a rich CSS gallery of websites of different themes and colors.  Submitting your own website is quite easy.

web design gallery

Divine CSS will make your mouth water!

divine css

CSS Daddy is very nice website that even supports Flash based websites and likes to feature only the best.

css gallery showcase

CSS Elite showcases the best designs and websites around the web. Can you meet their standards?


CSS Drive shows categorized examples of beautiful CSS design.

css drive

CSS Hunt is search for the best designs on the Internet. Submit yours easily!


DesignSnack is an online web design gallery that is a nice treat for designers looking for inspiration.

design snack

Design Flavr is a site that is updated daily and you should submit your work to their CSS directory.

design flavr

Design Shack is just what it says – a shack, a shack with great style and taste!


CSS Remix is a great directory to submit your designs to. Don’t expect too much traffic though.

css remix

CSS Mania allows you to add site, but listing costs $10. Sometimes it is worth it, other times the only thing you will get out of it is a backlink for SEO purposes.


Site Inspire is a great and elegant directory. You have to register as a member before you start submitting designs.

site inspire

CSS Beauty¬†is also a community and is great hangout for designers. If you are too busy to join other sites to follow¬†different¬†trends, then don’t worry, all of them come to this site’s showcase eventually.

link building with css

W3C Websites only  accepts sites with validated coding. If you kept your design clean and free of errors, then this is a great place to submit it.

w3c sites

Hotwebber is a showcase of brilliant designs and getting on their top 10 list is a huge honor.


CSS Blast is small site, but could still prove very useful, while submission is easy, it may take some time.

css ru

CSS Logia is a sleek and clean gallery that is easy to use and navigate.

css logia

Best CSS Gallery Рtries to be just what the names says. It is a nice site that even features a voting system for the submitted designs.


Well Done Sites is a web design gallery featuring submitted web 2.0 sites. It is also a community with guides and tutorials.

well done

My3W is another sites that focused around W3C validated websites.


The CSS Catwalk is quite an original site for this common topic. Submission is easy and standards are rather low.

css catwalk

CSS Line is a very popular and respected design gallery. You can submit your site easily, but it is a hard process to get it approved.

css line

CSS Hook is a gallery with web 2.0 standards.

css 32

CSS Downunder is a great gallery to submit your site to if you are from Australia.

css australia

CSS Depot is a site with a very nice grungy textured design. If your site is something in those lines, then it will probably get accepted.

design css

CSS Dump has been out of date for a while, but getting submitted here will still benefit you.


Nice Stylesheet is fun submission based gallery website.


CSS Galeri is an interesting web design gallery.

css galeri

CSS Snap is just another best web design gallery.

css snap

That concludes the first half our picks for the top website design directory list.

Be sure to check out part 2 below!

And as always, let us know if there are any we may have forgotten or you would like to include in this list!

Continue to part 2 will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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