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75 Top Site Directories to Submit Your Site Designs, Part 2

It is now time to continue our list from last time. Here are the top 100 site directories to submit your designs (part 2):

CSS¬†Flavor¬†is site with very good taste, yet submission of your design isn’t all that hard.

css flavor - website design directory list

CSSEM lowered their standards by quite a bit, but most sites that weren’t up to the¬†challenge¬†before and are now getting bad ratings by other users. Try not to get such low ratings as it won’t attract too many clients. But bad publicity is still good publicity right?


CSS Leak is a gallery with only the top notch websites on the web!

css leak

MabucPlus actively reviews all sent submissions and picks only the best. Do you have what it takes?

css plus

CSS Impress  is a gallery showcasing some of the best designs around the web. Get submitted today!

css impress

CSS Gallery is a popular site among Germans users, which means you may be able to get some good clients from here that are living in Germany. It is a very clean directory with a good reputation to uphold.

css gallery

BoxedCSS reminds us to think inside the box and not just outside it.

css box

Submit CSS is quite¬†straightforward with their terms and¬†specifications¬†so submission won’t be a confusing issue.

submit css

CSS Creme is a site that features a lot of designs and a lot of competitive users who down-vote sites just to get ahead.  However, since the staff now picks the featured designs, you need not worry about it.

css creme

Design Snip doesn’t just care about the¬†visual¬†aspects, but about the code behind the design as well. Try to have valid HTML and CSS.

design snipets

Designer Source is a small web design gallery that is easy to get featured in, as long as you use a nice design.

design source

CSS Hunt became much more popular since their last redesign. Getting features may be hard, but it worth it.


Inspiration King is a gallery that serves a purpose to inspire others. Submit one’s design is simple.

css design inspiration

Dark I is all about submitting your design and trying to get into the top 100 designers list.

dark i gallery

PrinCSS is a great place for you to feature your more “feminine” websites with colors such as light blues and pink or cute illustrations.


 StyleCrunch is a WordPress site that uses a default theme, yet has managed to become rather popular. Submitting your design is simple and easy and a feature would mean a lot.

style crunch

CSS Logia is clean and easy to navigate. Instead of just inspiring, they try to motivate users as well. Submission is easy, but their standards are a bit high.

css logia

CSS Glance is a dynamic and fun design directory.

css glance

CSS Clip is a site you must visit if you ever lack inspiration. Getting featured on the other hand is harder job.


Screenalicio.us is an interesting website that isn’t too hard to get¬†submitted¬†on.

css showcase

Divine CSS is a brilliant website on its own, and an even more brilliant gallery of submitted websites.

divine css

CSS Star is a site with high standards, but the effort to get into the showcase is well worth it.

css star

CSS Import is a blog that features the best submitted designs. Other than that it has a lot of useful information and tips on it as well.

css import

Screenfluent is a site you have to submit your¬†design¬†to! While it isn’t that easy, it is easier than on other sites to get featured and the link back from them will mean a lot.


The Best Designs is a very active community and the staff only feature the best that is submitted to them.

best designs gallery

CSS Bloom is an active CSS showcase that has been working since 2006. From SEO point of view, that backlink is worth a lot!

css bloom

Portfolio Base is good for submitting your own portfolio website.

portfolio base


CSS Gallery List is paid service that for a price of $20 submits you site to all the major directories.

css gallery list

MoLUV is paid submission gallery that costs you $9, but many will tell you that it is certainly worth it.


1PageWebDesign only features websites that have one page, so if you have this type of site, this is the way to go.

1page gallery

Minimal Exhibit is a gallery of minimalism websites.

minimalism css gallery

Styleboost is a great free website to get featured on, but it is a bit difficult.

free css showcase

HTML 5 Elite is for those who have a valid HTML 5 website and need some help promoting it. Submission is easy and painless.

html 5 eliteThat concludes our entries of the exhaustive top 75 website design directory list.

If you happened to miss part one be sure to check that out as well.

As always, I hope this adds inspiration to your designs or maybe inspires you to start designing in the first place.

Get your work out there so all of us can see it!



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