How to Use Online Blogs to Brand Yourself

Do you want people to know who you are? Do you want them to remember your business when they are in need of your services and products?

It sounds like you want to brand yourself.

It’s not as difficult as you think to get people to know you and your business. You can easily do it with blogs. There are millions of them available online today, and you can probably find many that relate to your industry. You can even start your own blog.

Knowing how to work with both of these options will help you effectively brand yourself in almost no time at all.

how to brand yourself online

Branding Yourself on Other People’s Blogs

The point of a blog is to create a community. The most popular blogs have many thousands of readers. This audience reads through content and hopefully will interact with it by way of comments and questions.

The best way to get noticed at first is to put yourself out there in the comments section. Add your own thoughts in, share your opinions and even ask questions. You could even answer other people’s questions.

The more you contribute over time, the more people will get to know you. Before you know it, people will start to wonder who you are and what else you’re up to online. That’s right around the time when you’ll start to get traffic to your own site all because of your comments and newly formed personal brand.

Start Your Own Blog for Better Brand Awareness

As you float from blog to blog, you will probably realize that you need a place where people can go to learn more about you.

The best place for that is your own blog. You can put your personality on your blog, share knowledge, and really give people an idea of who you are and what you do. Remember, it’s important that the content you publish is valuable. People need to find the information you’re providing useful.

That means it can’t be information they can simply find on many other websites. Avoid regurgitation.

When people read your blog, they should feel that they’ve hit a gold mine of knowledge. This can be easily done┬áby sharing your expertise or opinion with your audience.

Always encourage your readers to leave a comment. Just like you are commenting on other people’s blogs, you want the same because it gets people engaged with your work. Commenters feel connected to websites they comment on and they are more likely to come back and share it with others. This keeps you and your business’s brand in their minds.

Blog Sharing on Social Media

As you add more content to your blog, you’ll want to share posts on social media when your blog posts first come out and after they have aged a bit.

As people see your posts more and more, they will start to get an idea about the information you’re providing. They will start to form an impression of you and that’s how your brand awareness grows with social media. As people read and enjoy the information, they will start to like, share, and comment on it. That’s when you will really start to see your brand take off.

One useful tool to keep resharing your great evergreen posts is Content Resharer Pro. With this plugin, you simply link your social media accounts, add custom messages to your posts, and let the automated sharing begin.

The best part is that the custom messages allow your posts to sound very human-like and natural, like you were sitting at your computer writing up each social post yourself. However, the whole process is automated and permits you to focus on producing great content, not becoming a social media expert.

WP Content Resharer Pro - How to Brand Yourself Online

Start with Commenting and a Blog

There can be a lot of information on the internet about┬áhow to brand yourself online. You’ll likely┬ábecome overwhelmed.

That’s why I suggest you start in a simple manner. Stick to the basics for starters. The best place is with your own blog, and then commenting on other people’s blogs. Of course, just like a strategy for marketing you should set up a branding strategy as well.

You could possibly start your day with a new post, and then go to a list of blogs to read and comment. As you start getting comments, you can answer them as part of your daily branding plan. You can also include social media as you get more comfortable with posting on your blog and commenting.

Start with just one task and then move on to others as you get better at it all. That’s the best way to increase your brand awareness without getting overwhelmed.

What are your tips for starting or increasing your personal brand? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Why not start your personal brand right here! Speak your mind in the comments below. will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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