25 Resources for Freelancers and Internet Marketers

If you are just starting out as an internet marketer or freelancer this list of 25 useful freelancer resources will greatly help you organize better and get the latest tools at your disposal.

In this list we will include a list of the best articles, tools, applications and software that you can use to succeed.

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Planing, Management and Organization Tools

1. Basecamp is a powerful management tool for entrepreneurs that lets you manage your own team, keep track of projects, schedule billing and payment as well as organize work so that everyone knows what their job is. It is a brilliant tool if you plan on hiring a couple of people to work with you and you need everyone to communicate internally.

2. Toodledo is a brilliant and free online task manager that lets you create events, to-do lists, schedule alarms and much more! It is a brilliant tool for anyone who works a lot from their computer that allows them to keep things clean, organized and at the same spot. With this tool you can be sure that you will increase productivity in no time!

3. Tick is a great time-tracking tool for freelancers that lets you keep track of your hours, projects and your budget telling you how far you are from reaching it. It can be used as a widget for Basecamp so these two work great together!

4. Campfire is a great live chat tool that sets up a separate channel for you and your coworkers and employees or even your clients. It is fully web bases and requires no additional software to run.

5. Wridea is a great online tool for writers, designers and all other creatives. It gives you a good place to write down and organize all of your ideas and then review them until you figure out which ones you will keep and which ones will end up forgotten in the dust bowl.

Freelancer Resources for Designers

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6. Behance is a great place for designers to showcase their work and get critique and comments from other designers. It is place of infinite inspiration and if your work is impressive enough you might even get a job offer as companies are constantly scanning the website searching for talented people to add to their team.

7. 99design is essentially a contest board where you can earn money by entering and winning design contests. Aside from this 99design is a great place to meet future clients, practice your skills and use your left over designs on contests and perhaps earn some extra income!

8. Smashing Magazine is an online magazine that any good designer should closely follow! The website has become very influential and is one of the leading authorities on design. Be sure to check out and buy their books as well!

9. Kuler from Adobe is a practical tool for designers that will really help with choosing the right color pallets and finding new ideas.

10. 10 Tips for First-time Freelancers is a great article on Spyrestudios and it is really recommended that you give a good read. Essentially it gives advice on handling your clients, outsourcing your work and being consistent and determined to succeed.

Resources for Writers, Editors and Bloggers

11. Grammar Girl is a web page that provides tips and advice on using proper grammar and ways to improve your writing and editorial skills. Aside from helping you with grammar the site aims to educate readers about proper punctuation, word choice and style.

12. Poynter is a blog  that is aimed at educating future writers, journalists and editors and focuses a lot of providing quality articles and insightful information. They have their own school and often organize seminars and webinars, so be sure to follow Poynter closely!

13. Freelancer Resources for Editors is a great list on Freelance Switch that is certainly worth having a look as it provides a lot of tips and advice on how to become an editor, what to do in order to improve your productivity and skills and how to interact with clients.

14. Write Rhymes is a fun little online, web-based tool for creative writers and can help you find the proper rhyme in case you are missing your inspiration or just lack the concentration to think hard enough.

15. The Well-Fed Writer Blog is a website that provides a lot of interesting articles for new writers, bloggers and copywriters. The authors mostly share their own work experience and give out insightful advice on how to make it as a freelance writer.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

16. is a great online resource for new start-ups and newbie entrepreneurs. It contains a lot of useful advice, practical tips and tutorials. You can learn about planning, organization, writing a business plan, finding investors  and managing your finances.

17. TED Talks for Entrepreneurs is a collection of great videos that will certainly provide you with motivation and inspiration to continue your struggle to survive as an entrepreneur. Be sure to check some of them out!

18. oDesk is a great place to find employees and freelancers that can work on your project. Feel free to embrace the power of outsourcing as you will certainly find somebody who will be able to get your job done right. You can also register as a contractor or agency and use this website to find work for yourself as well.

19. KISSmetric’s Marketing Guide¬†will help you get a solid crash course in Internet marketing and teach you all the basics related to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, keyword research, AdWords, and much more! It is a great entrepreneur /freelancer resource!

20. 60 Unexpected Business Lessons is a great collection of tips and advice for new start ups that is provided by the people who have already been there and experienced these issues themselves.

Other Useful Resources and Tools


21. Mint is a great tool for managing all of your finances in one place. It helps you manage you budget, track your hours and reach all of your goals! Give it a shot, it’s free!

22. Dropbox¬†might seem like something you don’t need now in the starting phase, but after some time you will be begging for¬†more of it! It is a great tool to manage all of your files and share them across all of your devices or with your coworkers and clients.

23. Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to manage all of your social media profiles and post new updates directly across all of your networks! Aside from saving you time, Hootsuite also provides advanced analysis and gives you advice on how to grow and engage your audience.

24. Prezi is the best tool on the Internet for creating impressive presentations and slideshows! PowerPoint is bound to become obsolete once tools like this take over!

25. Moo is a great place to order business cards, stickers and labels that you can hand out to promote yourself or your company. They provide you with an easy-to-use tool to design them yourself and produce them for you at an affordable rate.


There you have it – 25 amazing resources for freelancers, internet marketers, and techies.

Did I miss any? Feel free to share by leaving a link in the comments section. will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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