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10 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Website Navigation Menus

WordPress navigation menu plugins make your life as a website owner easy.

They give you the look you want with just a few clicks.

Boring and bland navigation menus can make your site look outdated and like you don’t put effort into maintenance.

Obviously, it’s very important to have the best design you possibly can for your readers or consumers.

The following WordPress plugins are the ones we recommend to customize your navigation menus.

Premium WordPress Navigation Menu Plugins

WordPress Sticky Menu Plugin

Don’t settle for the navigation menu that came with your WordPress theme. Change it to something much more appealing with WordPress Sticky Menu Plugin.

WordPress Sticky Menu Plugin Screenshot - wordpress navigation menu plugin

Multi-X Bar

Multi-X Bar is an advanced functional navigation bar gives your users more power on your website. They will love how easy it is to find the products they need.

Multi X Bar Screenshot - wordpress navigation menu plugin

Category Bar for WordPress

The Category Bar for WordPress plugin allows you to set the height and width of the navigation bar. You can add icons, short codes, and it’s responsive for mobile devices.

Category Bar - wordpress navigation menu plugin


Have you visited websites in which the menu is on the screen? That’s what Jumbo does. You’ll have a full screen menu and can add in secondary drop down menus. It really gives your site that added flair that impresses people.

Jumbo - wordpress navigation menu plugin


People are using their mobile devices more than ever these days, and that’s why Touchy was made.

With this plugin, you can choose whether certain menu functions are shown on mobile devices. Your users can also easily put in their phone number, and email address. They can customize colors and choose attractive icons.

Touchy - wordpress navigation menu plugin

Ultimate Flyout Responsive Menu WordPress

Ultimate Flyout Responsive Menu WordPress gives your navigation that 3D effect that makes the menu fly out to the side or take up the screen on a mobile device. You can choose different styles and colors for the menu.

Ultimate Flyout - wordpress navigation menu plugin

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

If you want a powerful navigation menu, you might want to consider downloading UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin.

You’ll get all that you need to learn how to use it and start to customize your navigation bar as soon as it’s installed. You will be amazed by how much you can really change with this one plugin.

UberMenu - wordpress navigation menu plugin

Free WordPress Navigation Menu Plugins

ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu

The ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu plugin will allow you to change the style, color, and look of your menu. It also has social integration, so you can include your social networks in your navigation bar.

Shiftnav - wordpress navigation menu plugin

AllWebMenus WordPress Menu Plugin

When you’re ready for a little more power, get this plugin. This plugin will take new pages and blog posts and put them automatically into the menu bar for you. It saves you time and looks great to your web visitors.

Admin Menu Editor

This plugin allows you to re-order, rename, and add custom menus through the admin section of your WordPress dashboard. It makes using that part of WP much easier.


You don’t have to use all of these plugins because one or two may be all that you need to create a beautiful, functional website.

Try some of them out first, and then decide which one(s) you like the best.

You will then be ready to impress your web visitors, which will likely increase your conversion rates.

Let us know if we forgot to include any great wordpress navigation menu plugins in the comments below!



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