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Top 5 Email Newsletter Services

Email marketing is one of the most common and effective forms of Internet marketing.

For those who have a good list of subscribers, know how to create effective campaigns, and the basics of email marketing it can certainly make a decent amount of money with these services.

However, the process of setting up an email newsletter service, a subscription list, designing the newsletter and sending them out can be a daunting and difficult process for one person.

You can even spend the time to set up powerful automated marketing emails. This is a real time saver and maximizes your time and energy spent, but again, it can be difficult to initiate.

This is why there are so many email newsletter services available that can perform all of these tasks for you and greatly help you improve your email marketing campaign.

newsletter services

In this article we will look at the top 5 email newsletter services and compare their pros and cons, as well as their prices. It is hard to say which one is the best but one of these five services will fit your needs.

MailChimp – Email Marketing and List Management!

Out of all the email marketing newsletter services out there MailChimp is considered widely to provide the most user-friendly experience and easy resource management. You can sign up for free to test the services out but you will be limited when it comes to using many of the options.

Their cheapest pricing plan starts at $10 per month and it allows you to send an unlimited amount of emails to a maximum of 500 subscribers.

There are special discounts for large companies that need to send emails to a large number of subscribers (over 50,000) and you can use their affordable pay-as-you go credits.


The fact that you have so many controls and options when it comes to paying shows that this is a serious email marketing tool that gives you a lot of control and power.

They have guides on just about anything related to their services or email marketing and provide you with a brilliant and easy-to-use email template designer.

All in all, MailChimp is certainly worth having a look and if you are just starting out this might be a good place to start.


If you are looking for a professional and high quality email newsletter service or an auto responder then Aweber is certainly on the list of services you should look into.

Aweber provides a lot of in-depth statistics about your readers and allows you to easily design and organize email campaigns and send promotional email, blog updates, RSS posts and much more!  The brilliant thing about Awber is that you can give it a shot and pay only $1 for the first month.

There is no contract or obligation and if you are not satisfied then there is no need to continue using their services. After the trial period it will cost you $19 per month for a list of up to 500 subscribers  The more subscribers you have though, the more expensive it will get!


Constant Contact

Internet business owners often favor Constant Contact over any other other email newsletter services due to their professional look, impressive features and great pricing plans.

Currently, you can try their services out for free for two months without giving any credit card information, but you will be limited to having a maximum of 100 subscribers in your database. Even so, this is quite an impressive offer and if you like their services you can just switch to a paid plan.


They offer an unlimited number of emails and a maximum of 500 subscribers on your list for as low as $15 per month. If you buy a prepaid plan (buy 6 or 12 months of their services in advance) you can get special discounts and if you have a list that has over 10,000 subscribers you can join their special premium program.

Campaign Monitor

If you want to create beautiful email designs than you will hardly find a service that does it better than Campaign Monitor!

Aside from many tools and templates that can help you create a beautiful, mobile-ready and responsive email campaign they provide advanced tracking services and an array of many different features. You can create a free account to try their services out and then switch to a paid plan.

For as low as $9 per month you can have a list of up to 500 subscribers and send up to 2,500 emails per month. If you are just starting and have a small list then this is the best place to start.



A lot of people consider GetResponse to be one of the best email newsletter services out there and it is easy to understand why.

Their pricing plans are spectacular and start at $10 for a list of up to 1,000 people with unlimited emails! If you buy an annual bundle then you can get 18% off, but we strongly advise against doing this as you cannot know your needs ahead in advance.


As for their services they are much like Aweber and the debate between which has a better auto responder service is as old as time! They provide great analytics, social integration, email design and much more! You can get a free 30 day trial so you are interested give their website a visit.

If you can think of any other services that you think are valuable or have had any experiences, good or bad, feel free to share them to the community using the comments below. will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Email Newsletter Services

  1. We are looking for someone to create a quarterly newsletter for us. We would provide the articles and pictures. We would need it finalized in a print ready version for our printing company.

    Is this something that you do?

    If so would you please send me pricing. The newsletter is usually 8 pages long in a booklet format.

    Thank you!
    Melissa Demrest

  2. I’m looking for someone to create a quarterly newsletter for my Salsa Dance Ent businesses. I will provide the poctures and information for the articles, which someone will proof read and perhaps edit in order to make the newsletter sound better, concise and straight to the point.
    Is this something that you do? If so would you please send me pricing. The newsletter is usually 1-2 pages long in a booklet format.

  3. Thanks for the comparison. This post turned up in a Google search, so it’s the first time I’ve read your blog. I have no previous history with it.

    It would be very helpful in articles like this to include the date the article was written. It may be there somewhere, but it sure isn’t easy to find. Looking at the comments leads me to believe it’s from April 2013, but I should have to work that hard and guess that much.

    As time goes by, services change. It would be good to know whether this was a current appraisal or two or three years old.

    1. Hi Jeanny – it’s a current review. And since you pointed it out, on my next release of this site, I will include the date on all my posts. Thanks for stopping by and come again. Heck, bookmark it! :)

  4. Many newsletters are published by clubs, churches, societies, associations, and businesses, especially companies, to provide information of interest to their members, customers or employees. Some newsletters are created as money-making ventures and sold directly to subscribers. `,;-

    My own online site

  5. I think mailchimp is better than all other services because now it’s offering free account. So with free account we can send email up to 2000 people. This is great. I created this account a few hours back. Thanks for sharing this list.

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