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How to Reshare Content Effectively

A lot of people believe they can only share their content once.

The truth is, you can share your content many times.

Resharing content can actually be a very effective way to get more followers and traffic to a site.

Doesn’t it bother people?

You would think that if you share the same content people following you would become bothered by it since they’ve already seen it.

Keep in mind though; there are at least three time zones you’re dealing with if you’re targeting people nationwide, even more time zones if you’re targeting people internationally.

You’re also not bothering people is because people usually only see content that’s been shared the past two or so hours, and sometimes less. This is especially true for social media platforms like Twitter.

The most important part of resharing content is doing it the right way. Follow this strategy to reshare your content effectively.

reshare content

Make Sure It’s Evergreen

Don’t reshare content that has outdated information.

Always check the article to make sure it still applies to the current day.

News articles aren’t usually an interest to people after a couple of days, and holiday articles are no use after the day has passed. As long as the article applies to people today, you can reshare it.

Ideally, you would be resharing evergreen articles that are more conceptual in nature or at least won’t go out of date for a long while.

Some examples would be: Inbound Marketing, Web Design best practices, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Depending on where you draw the line, you could even consider plugin or theme reviews to be evergreen. They do change over time but the core functionality and design doesn’t.

Besides, if a change does occur you have the majority of the content already laid out and written so only minor tweaks are needed.

Track When You Share Content

Don’t reshare content at the same times you did previously.

By this I mean, don’t reshare the same content at the same time of day you did yesterday. That doesn’t do much good.

However, if you find a time that really gives you a lot of exposure and/or yields a great conversion ratio then it’s certainly worth a shot to try it again.

reshare content

Get in Front of Different People

But, the main idea with resharing content is to put it in front of eyes that probably didn’t see it before, or at least haven’t seen it in a while.

The best way to determine what time to reshare the content is to track when you did it before and measure your results.

Let’s say you shared it at 10:00 AM EST on Monday, the people in PST would most likely not have seen it because it was only 7 AM for them. You should probably share it again at 1:00 PM EST.

It’s about experimentation and measuring your results.

Find out what works best for you.

Choose a Different Day

It’s best to share content on different days to see if it’s more effective.

When you first start out with social media, you may not know when your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networks.

However, through tracking and trying to post at different times of the day and different days, you’ll start to see which ones are much more active for your audience. This means that if you don’t see a lot of activity on Monday, you may want to try Tuesday, or another day of the week to see if there’s more engagement.

Again, I stress experimentation. Only you can find out the best formula for resharing your content.

Reshare the Most Popular Ones

Take the hint when a lot of people like content you share the first time. Resharing that content will only increase the reach, engagement and effectiveness of the content.

Try to pay attention to what worked for that particular piece.

You may want to ask yourself:

Did you send it at the right time?

Did you tweet at the right person?

Was it relevant to a trend or something in the news?

Was it just particularly good content?

Was its design very attention grabbing?

Change the Intro

Avoid sharing the same content with the same intro (or headline) you did when you first posted it. Unless of course you found your magic headline formula.

Regardless, one of the main goals here is to reach other readers. A certain group may be attracted to that particular headline and you’ll only be attracting them again. There’s no sense beating a dead horse.

You need to try to engage people differently the second, third, or fourth time around. That way if people didn’t feel motivated to click on the link to the article before, they may the next time you reshare it.

Follow News Stories to Determine When to Reshare

Follow news stories because if something pops up that has to do with content you’ve written, it’s the perfect time to reshare it. You’ll likely find that you’ll receive much more attention just because everyone is looking for additional information about what’s trending.

Start digging through your library of content to find articles you can reshare. You’ll likely find many articles that you can reuse because the information is applicable today just as much as it was when it was first published.

Resharing content is the best way to get the most of out of the money and time you’ve spent adding it to your blog.

Tools to Help you Reshare your Content

You may think resharing content can seem like a very time consuming and burdensome task.

Without a doubt, I agree with you. That’s why there are some nifty tools out there to help you save your time and keep you doing what you do best – creating.

WP Content Resharer Pro

WP Content Resharer Pro is a comprehensive plugin designed to keep older, but still relevant, content alive on your blog. You’ll never have to worry again about resharing your best posts on social media.

Increase your following with the WP Content Resharer Pro Plugin; it is the most comprehensive plugin for marketing automation with proven results that guarantee an increase in your traffic.

Make sure your evergreen content is still generating traffic by automatically having them shared to your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts at set intervals.

reshare content with Content-resharer-pro


In the end, be sure you experiment. It makes no sense to push hard at something that yields little to no results. That’s why measuring your results is absolutely essential.

Resharing content can be an effective strategy for sure but it has to be done right. Implementing the strategies above should put you on a path to doing just that.

Be sure to check out some of the tools out there to help you out along the way. There are a number of resources available and you should definitely check them out.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and thereby money if you don’t spend your time manually resharing every piece of content you have.

Let us know if you have any strategies for resharing content you’ve produced. Speak your mind below. will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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