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In today’s competitive and oversaturated blogosphere,¬†just knowing how to write a great blog article¬†isn’t going to cut it. While the true ROI on social media is still being debated by businesses, there’s no questioning the traffic generated by social media to blogs. Consistently sharing worthwhile content to your social media followers is an effective inbound marketing strategy.¬†Social media management and planning has become easier to manage through platforms such as Buffer and Hootsuite, but I for one would love to be able to schedule my blog posts along with a custom message from with WordPress.¬†If only there were¬†a way¬†to do that from the comfort of my own site. Enter CoSchedule for WordPress

The Social Media Editorial Calendar for WordPress

Editorial calendars are tools used to manage editorial content and broadcast it across various social networks. The best part about CoSchedule is that it’s not a plugin, but rather a standalone app that syncs with WordPress. Therefore, you have no need to worry about yet another plugin impacting your website’s performance.

Simple & Intuitive Setup Process

Setting up the CoSchedule app is a 60-second process. It basically asks you for your website url, and after logging into your site, CoSchedule sets up your calendar. During the installation process, it does install and activate a plugin named CoSchedule by Todaymade which is necessary for the CoSchedule app to sync / connect to your WordPress site.

Neat Drag-and-Drop Calendar

After signup is completed, the app will guide you through the first few steps which include familiarizing yourself with their sexy drag-and-drop calendar! As the app nudges you to add a test post, don’t worry, you can delete any posts later.

CoSchedule Under The Microscope

It’s not that these tools haven’t been available across different platforms, but to have everything so well integrated in one place is a major time-saver.¬†Instead of wasting time logging into¬†different¬†social media accounts or even hunting for your own links while using a scheduling platform like Hootsuite, CoSchedule lets you broadcast blog content to your social media accounts from one place.

CoSchedule brings social media publishing directly into the content creation process. CoSchedule will help you to customize content for each of your social media posts.

You won’t need lots of tabs on your browser anymore, since the app provides you with a¬†wide board that allows you to track, schedule and re-schedule¬†your entire editorial calendar. Think of the app as not just a way to organize your social media content, but as a way to create an editorial calendar for your entire team.

Speaking of the team, CoSchedule will also help you manage your writing staff. As you can see in the screenshot above, no one will be out of the loop due to changes. You can easily monitor the team’s current¬†status, what each person is working on, and when content will be published. By using this feature, with just a few clicks, you can¬†send notes, reminders, and¬†assign new tasks to your team members.

Learn More About CoSchedule

I’ve included this handy video¬†from the CoSchedule team that will get you a little deeper into the inner workings of the app.

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