Why Your Blog or Site Needs a Voice

Why Your Blog or Site Needs a Voice

Take a moment to think about a couple of websites you visit regularly. What is different about them?

While you may first think about the design of the site, once you get passed that you will likely notice that you get a different feel for each of them.

One may be more entertaining than the other one. One may be more professional and practical than the other one. These thoughts and impressions you have toward a site come from the voice that site uses.

The voices used on sites benefit business owners in many ways. I encourage you to really learn about those benefits, so you can start to think about what impression you want people to have of your site.

Why Your Blog or Site Needs a Voice

A Voice Leaves a Lasting Impression

Content may tell consumers what a business sells, but it’s the voice that tells consumer who sells the products and services.

As consumers visit the site regularly, they start to form an impression about the brand, and that influences their decision to make a purchase. The voice you have can even carry into your product descriptions.

This concept of buying the brand can be seen in the video below where Simon Sinek talks about how people’s impression of a brand influences their purchasing decisions. By the way, this is a fantastic video you should watch anyway.

A Site’s Voice Makes Your Business Unique

A site’s voice expresses you and your business. Since no two people are alike, the voice on your site shows you are not like your competitors. It can set you apart from them to show consumers why you are special and potentially better than the rest.

It’s important to figure out what your consumers are attracted to when you’re trying to find a voice for your site. If they are carefree individuals who want to be entertained, you may want to keep that in mind as you publish content on your site.

Alternatively, if they are professionals seeking informative articles to help them with their business or career, the voice needs to resonate with them. It must be direct, authoritative, and serious.

The main point being, a voice can make your site more unique and by proxy more human-like. People would rather listen to a real person (like me) than a faceless and mysterious entity.

Take Quicksprout and Moz for example. Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin both established themselves as the voices of Quicksprout and Moz (respectively). And it’s a lot easier to relate to them because of it.

A Voice Develops Trust

Consumers are more likely to purchase services and products when they trust the seller. Kind of like the old business adage, It’s easier to do business with a friend.

Since you can’t meet all of your consumers face-to-face, you’ll need to meet them through your content.

This is where voice comes in again. As you show you are unique and share a similar personality as your consumers, you will build trust in your consumers. They will like the information you’re delivering and will appreciate it.

This appreciation makes them feel connected to you and when they’re ready, they will make a purchase. This all happens with content that has a voice people identify with and favor.

A Voice Influences Consumers

With trust built, a voice can take it one step forward. It can persuade people to make a purchase. Your content’s voice can be just as persuasive as your own personal voice when speaking to someone right in front of you. The same strategy you use to sell in person can be used in text. You need to:

  • Build rapport
  • Identify with the person,
  • Talk about the amazing benefits of services and products,
  • Close the sale.

A tip to influence consumers with your voice is to use short sentences that are simple to understand.

This is largely related to effective blogging.

If you have long sentences and paragraphs, people get lost and uninterested, and that can cause you to lose a sale. Give people information quickly. It will be more effective in getting them to act.

Knowing if your Voice Is Right for Your Site

It won’t take long to determine if a voice is right for your site. Bounce rates should decrease and repeat visits should increase. You’ll notice a community forming. That means people like the information you’re providing and like how you’re delivering it.

If you don’t see a change in your web visitors’ behavior, you might want to try a different voice. Your voice might not match the consumers’ personalities, and just changing it a little may end up showing your target audience you are the person they should be listening to and buying from.

What’s your site’s voice? Do you believe it helps you sell your services and products?  Leave a comment to share why a voice is important to your blog.


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