5 Awesome Social Sharing Plugins

Social media is becoming a vital part of every Internet marketing strategy and is currently the best method to quickly share your content and reach new visitors and get potential subscribers and leads.

However, in order to get people to be social and share your content you will have to provide them with the proper social sharing tools.

Luckily  we have a list of 5 awesome social sharing plugins for WordPress that you can use!


Sexy Bookmarks – Sharing is Sexy!

No plugin makes us want to share content as much as the Sexy Bookmarks social media plugin for WordPress.

You can download it from here and enjoy the ride as soon as you complete the basic set up and adjust everything to your needs.

It is still unknown whether or not the plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress but there have been no troubles so far. The plugin author is the company by the name of Shareaholic and they have done quite a nice job at it!

The plugin features many different designs, a recommended posts function and a whole bunch of other cool tricks! See it in action down bellow.

sexy bookmarks

Configuration screen:


Add This, Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

If you are looking for a simple, elegant social sharing plugin for WordPress that is stable and compatible with the latest version then AddThis is certainly one of the plugins you should look into.

It is a free plugin that you can get right from the WordPress repository (page link) and easily install it in seconds! This social bookmarking widget was developed by several authors and they are quite active on the support page in case you have any questions.

Here is how the plugin looks in action.


Digg Digg

Powerful and elegant – that’s all that should be said about Digg Digg by Buffer!

It is an all-in-one social media sharing tool for WordPress that offers support for all of the top social media platforms. The plugin also creates (if you choose so) a floating sharing widget on the left or right which is a popular effects many are wonder how to get on their website.

There is currently not enough data on whether or not this plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress but hopeful this issue will be resolved in the following weeks. The support page is rather inactive so you are pretty much left on your own when it comes to customizing this plugin and doing something advanced with it.

Here a couple of screenshots of the plugin in action.

digg digg social sharing

digg digg

Sharebar – Dynamic Sharing Mechanics

Unlike other plugins listed in this article, Sharebar does include a lot of different buttons or counters at the bottom or the top of your posts, but has a very distinct and accurate function.

Sharebar by Mdolon provides you with a dynamic, easy-to-customize and simple to use floating social sharing vertical box. Although it is still not proven whether or not it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress it is alright to use and is still receiving very high marks.

Have a look at this dynamic sharing tool bellow.



This is lightweight, simple and efficient alternative to Sharebar that will add a floating social media share box to your blog.

GetSocial prides itself on its quick loading time and minimal use of server resources. Aside from the ability to include all of the popular social media buttons you can also create your own. Another great thing about this share box is that it is responsive which means that it will automatically re-size itself each time to best fit the current screen size.

Here is how the GetSocial share box looks like on a web page.


BONUS: Content Resharer Pro

WP Content Resharer Pro¬†is a comprehensive plugin designed to keep older, but still relevant, content alive on your blog. You’ll never have to worry again about resharing your best posts on social media.

Increase your following with the WP Content Resharer Pro Plugin; it is the most comprehensive plugin for marketing automation with proven results that guarantee an increase in your traffic.

Make sure your evergreen content is still generating traffic by automatically having them shared to your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts at set intervals.

WP Content Resharer Pro

Do you use any of these sharing plugins? If so, tell us which one in the comments and why? will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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