9 Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

So you want to develop a WordPress site with a job board, and you need a theme and plugins to help you.

That’s no problem at all.

There are many job board themes available with accompanying plugins that will make the job of managing all those posts a breeze.

Like many other things in life, it can be tough to sift through all the options to find the one that fits you best.

That’s why I created this post just for you. The following are some of the best job board themes and plugins, in my opinion.

The Best Themes for Job Board Sites

Before telling you about the best plugins, here are the best themes.


JobEngine -Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

This theme, JobEngine, has a modern look and clean design. It includes many features that you’ll find easy to use.

For example, it can display job listings as they are submitted and if you’re accepting applications through the site, it will collect and send them for you. You can choose from many different payment plan options and use custom email templates. This is the whole package.


Jobify - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

Jobify also has a modern and clean look, but it also integrates WooCommerce.

This responsive design can help you meet all the needs of job seekers. What’s good to know about this one is that there is a plugin that works alongside of it that will make job posting and management much easier – WP Jo Manager plugin. Find more information below about this plugin.


JobRoller - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

This theme, JobRoller, caters to both job posters and seekers.

Job seekers can set up a profile on your site, upload their CV and apply for jobs all on your site. Those seeking applicants will enjoy that they can really specific with their posting, which increases the chances they will see find the applicants they want.

With all the great things for job posters and seekers, you are probably wondering what’s in it for you. The theme is easy to use, has a ton of features, and when your visitors are happy, you’ll be happy because you’ll make more money.


Jobera - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

If you want a stylish, simple job board theme, Jobera is it.

You’ll enjoy how easy it is to set up and manage, especially when you use the WP Job Manager plugin. The customization capabilities with this are great. You have many fonts to choose from, it has a responsive design with retina ready display, and you can configure the site to your heart’s content.

Nine to FiveNine to Five - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

This theme, Nine to Five, is also simple and easy for you and your visitors to use.

It simply lists the jobs available according to category. People love this, and they also like the ability to apply for jobs right on your site. The applications are sent directly to the employer, so you don’t have to do a thing. There’s also Google Map integration for those local listings.


JobsHub - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

JobsHub theme is professional looking to help build authority right from the start.

There’s an auto pilot feature that helps you make payments automatic with PayPal and Bank Transfer. Users of your site can also post their resumes and job vacancies without much work from you.

The Best Plugins for Job Board Sites

Now, it’s time for the plugins. These are plugins that will add that something extra to your theme to make your life much easier.

WP Job Manager Plugin

WP Job Manager Plugin - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

WP Job Manager Plugin works alongside many themes.

It provides you job-board functionality. You are able to manage all of your job listings with this plugin such as adding, deleting, and organizing. You’ll have shortcodes to use for search including filters. You will also have the capability of forms, so your users can submit and manage jobs.

WP Job Board

WP Job Board Plugin - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

WP Job Board helps you with the payment side of running your job board site. You will be able to set the currency, promotional codes, and coupons and assign prices. After setting it up, you’ll feel like the payment side of your site runs itself.

Indeed Job Importer Plugin

Indeed Job Importer Plugin - Best Job Board Themes and Plugins

The Indeed Job Importer plugin helps you bring in job listing from Indeed. This can be great when you are first starting out and need to attract some visitors. You can set parameters to ensure you only get the jobs you want on your site.


By finding the right theme and plugins for your job board site, you’ll be able to manage and grow your site successfully.

Which ones of these themes or plugins have you used? Leave a comment below to tell us about your experience. will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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