6 Unconventional Marketing Tactics

Most of you know the popular marketing strategies such as content marketing, Pay Per Click campaigns, and social media marketing. While these are great, and can lead to increased traffic and higher conversion rates, that is not always what actually happens.

I have seen many new entrepreneurs that give up on their business because they don’t see the results from conventional marketing tactics. What’s unfortunate is that they give up before turning to unconventional ones. You have to experiment and you have to be relentless.

If you’re still in the game, you may want to give these unconventional marketing tactics a try.

Unconventional Marketing Tactics

Throw a Party

Everyone loves a good party, think cocktail party. You can be the center of attention, and people will appreciate you for giving them that much needed break from a long work week. Should you advertise your business all night? No, not at all. The party is for your friends and colleagues to let lose. It’s after the party that will help you grow your business.

Dan Fleyshman is one who throws lavish parties. It may seem counter intuitive to throw parties to make more money, but think about it. Do you think his personal brand gets a big boost from throwing these parties? You bet it does. People will want to do business with you.

Unconventional Marketing Tactics - Party

When you throw a lavish party, people end up talking about it for weeks. They’ll talk about everything that happened and about how great you are for hosting the event. When people talk about your party, they are reminded of the person who threw it. That’s when they are more likely to visit your website, call you, and meet up with you again.

Guest Blog

Website owners are always looking for high quality content. But, many of them do not have the time to write it, so they love it when people with knowledge and skills offer to write a blog post for them. I know I do.

Find blogs that are related to your niche and ask the site owner if he or she would be willing to allow you to guest blog.

When you guest blog, you get to put your face and words in front of a community that you normally wouldn’t be able to. If you can make a good enough impression, some of the people in that community could come over to your site. They will then learn more about you and share what they like with their social media followers, which could lead to new business for you.

Be Brutally Honest

People may not always agree with those who are completely honest about their thoughts and opinions, but those brutally honest people often receive a lot of respect. The honesty is what makes people feel comfortable because they know who you really are and what your intentions are. It helps people develop trust in you when they know the real you.

Being honest with people also improves your brand awareness. People who agree with you and believe in you will start to follow you. They want to know what you’re doing, and most importantly, what you’re selling.

Give Away Tools and Information

People love free stuff. Give them free stuff and you will win them over. If you can develop a program that improves their job performance or improve their life in some way, they’ll love you.

You can share tips and other knowledge that will help them do the same. Giving away a free ebook is a great way to do just that.

In marketing, you need to give before you receive. When you give, give, and give some more, you will eventually, receive, receive, and receive some more. People want to thank you and that’s how they do it. Part of this is basic psychology.

Offer a Free Trial

Again, this seems counter intuitive at first. But, giving people a taste of what they could have all the time entices many of them to become lifelong members.

Why do you think samples are so popular?

If you offer services to your consumers, consider giving them a free session. If you sell products, find out how you can give out samples. Getting consumers to take the bait will be easy this way and once they see the quality of your services and products, they will forever be hooked.

Get Creative

People browse websites all the time. Some of them get used to the same old design that many websites have, so they become disengaged with them. When you can create a website that stands out, they will be interested and want to stay to see what they can gain from you.

Try experimenting with your design to find one that entices curiosity. Don’t forget to measure this (A/B testing).

Another way to be creative is with the information you provide on your site. Many people get stuck in a rut of delivering content that helps their consumers understand what the site sells. Being able to look outside of the box by providing entertainment and information in a new way will have more of an impact on consumers.

Now that you’ve learned about some unconventional marketing tactics, which ones will you try? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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