10 Best Online Revenue Models for Internet Businesses

There are many many ways to make money online.

However, most people don’t even know about half of them, or at least haven’t considered them for their own business.

That means there can be less competition for those ways of earning revenue. If very few players in your niche are doing anything different.

Learning about the many revenue models for online businesses can help you choose the one or ones you would like to use for your Internet business.

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You can charge businesses to advertise on your website.

This is best for websites that have a lot of traffic because business owners want to place their ads on sites where their consumers will see them.

You can charge advertisers in three ways:

  1. You receive money just to display the ad.
  2. You receive money every time someone clicks on the ad.
  3. You receive a commission on a purchase that came from clicking on the ad on your site.

There are many factors that go into which one of these will produce the largest income.

It depends on your traffic, what they want when they come to your site, and how good the site selling the products or services is with conversion.

Subscription Access

Newspapers are doing this a lot, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. You can charge people to have access to your content.

This is perfect for people who have highly valuable information on their site that many people really want.

Pay per Download

You can charge people to download a document. This is just like someone buying an eBook from Amazon.

Instead, people will receive a document downloaded to their computer.

Pay per View

If you have videos on your site, you can charge people for watching each one. This is perfect for people looking for entertainment or information.

Affiliate Advertising

You can join ad networks in which you choose which ads you want to place on your site. You receive money every time someone clicks on an ad or makes a purchase.

Use Sponsors

For websites with a lot of traffic, you can offer to have it sponsored by a business.

That business is featured as the sponsor for a cost because it receives attention from your traffic. This is usually done at a fixed fee.

Email Marketing Access

You can charge people to send your email list a newsletter. It will still have to be branded by you, but you’ll include all of the information from that other business.

Many business owners will do this when they don’t have a large email list themselves.


One of the simplest forms of revenue is selling products or services. You probably already thought of this, but it’s worth mentioning.


Many businesses sell licenses to their full version products. These licenses allow people to only use it on one or two devices. This keeps people from sharing a product.


We don’t have to look far to realize that people will spend money on games.

A site that has games that you have to pay to play and/or those that give out cash prizes can be big revenue generators.

Start Monetizing Your Site More

You don’t have to stick to just one of these revenue models. You can certainly pick several of them.

That way you have several streams of revenue working for you. Diversity will really help you here. Start with one, and then add another one until you find that you’re at your limit for your site.

However, I don’t recommend you use all of these models on your site at once. Try sticking with just a few that work the best for you.

Think about it, a site that includes: eCommerce, games, email marketing access, sponsors, affiliate marketing, pay per download, subscription, and advertising is going to look ridiculous to users.

Obviously, pick the ones that work the best and fit your business the best.


Hopefully, this gives you a good start on some alternative methods to bring


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