A library of WordPress resources.

WP Content Resharer Pro

Social media marketing automation; automatically shares your content, increase your followers, and get more traffic.


WP Background Takeover Ads

Run wallpaper advertisements / homepage skins on your site just like the big fashion, gaming, tech, and gossip websites.


WP Tag Manager

Create a pre-defined tag univers and makes it easy to manage tags, limit tags, and ensure accurate tags on your website.


WPsite Content Resharer (Twitter)

Reshare content automatically on a schedule to bring new life to existing posts and increase traffic.


WPsite Follow Us Badges

Follow Us Badges showcases your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. YouTube, Tumblr social media badges.


WPsite Show IDs

The Show IDs plugin displays the ID of all posts, categories, pages, taxonomies, users, tags, and more.


Show Stock Quotes

Display up to 20 stock quotes per portfolio. Each widget instance is considered a portfolio

WPsite Post Status Notifications

The Post Status Notifications plugin ensures Admins are notified of their Contributors posts submissions and vice versa.


WPsite Simple Ad Spot

The WPsite Simple Ad Spot plugin is the easiest way to place an advertisement in your WordPress site.

WPsite Limit Posts

Limit the number of posts or custom post types that can be published based on role (i.e, author) or user.


WPsite Comment Moderator

Add a new user role, Comment Moderator, that allows any selected user to manage comments.

Custom WordPress Development

Have a plugin idea? Want us to develop a custom plugin? Send us your plugin request and we'll create it.