What’s New in WordPress 3.3?

It is really amazing how WordPress has changed over the years. It seems like version 3.2 came not long ago, and yet the latest WordPress 3.3 will bring quite some impressive updates and changes to how we use WordPress and what we can use it for. So what’s new in WordPress 3.3? We will discuss this and walk your trough the update step-by-step in this article.

What’s New in WordPress 3.3 – a General Overview

Let us go over all the most important changes and newest features in short:

  1. We will be getting a new and improved Admin Panel and Admin Bar (the bar and the old “Howdy, admin” will now be merged to safe space).
  2. Smart Media Uploader is the newest feature that will save web masters time and optimize the performance of some tasks. You can now just drag and drop files you want to upload which shows that WordPress likes to keep up with the latest trends and listens to the user suggestions.
  3. The first steps and guidelines are being included now after WordPress 3.3 gets installed to help newcomers to WP to find their way around. If you haven’t used WordPress yet, then this is the perfect time to start!
  4. As of 3.3 WP will support a Tumbler Importer plug-in which is great for Tumbler users who want to switch to WordPress as it can now be done easy with only a few clicks.
  5. The permalink option will now how a few new settings and is easier to customize.
  6. Fly-out Menus  in the admin dashboard are now a default feature which is an improvement to the user interface.
  7. WordPress pointers are a new feature that looks really nice and is great for those who don’t have the time to keeps themselves updates with the news on the official WordPress site. Basically, whenever a new feature is added a small pop-up notification will be showed on that place to tell your more about the new feature.

What’s New in WordPress 3.3 Admin Dashboard?

In short: the admin panel and dashboard have been revamped and improved. Now you will have just one special, easy-to-use admin toolbar that combines the old admin bar and admin header.

new admin bar in wordpress 3.3
The New Admin Bar

As you can see the menus and icons now show a special drop-down menu which is great for easy access and takes up less space. If you use SEO by Yoast or WordPress Jet then tool will be featured in the admin toolbar and give you great and easy access to their features with just a few clicks!

Also, fly-out menus are now a permanent feature in the dashboard which many people have been looking forward to for some time now. Here is how the new UI will look now:

new flyout menus in wordpress 3.3
A fly-out menu


The Improved Media Uploader

Without a doubt one of the most anticipated and wanted features by the WordPress community is included in the 3.3 update – the new and improved media uploader!

new uploader in wordpress 3.3
The new interface

What’s new in WordPress Media uploader? First off,the new media uploader now supports HTML5 and Silverlight and it now has two very smart features:

  1. One click file select button for easier access and
  2. Drag and drop feature for those who are used to using similar options in Windows applications.

New Permalink Options

A great new option for all SEO experts and gurus is available – the post name can now be added into the URL. This is a great feature as your visitors will understand the link they come across better and you can rank higher in Google. You can still use another preferred setting or go for something custom.

permalink settings in wordpress 3.3
The new permalink settings menu

 Tooltips or better known as Pointers

Pointers are a new and unique feature by the WordPress staff that will improve user experience and help those who don’t follow up with every single new update. The pointers are like little notification that slide down to inform a user of a new feature they have on their site. These pointers explain what it’s about and include links for further reading if needed. They can be closed down easily and since they only show up when it is needed, they won’t bother you too much!

The latest feature in WordPress 3.3


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