How To Use Pinterest for More Traffic and Marketing

Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share the things you love!

That being said we would like to welcome you to a rising social network that can really help you stand out and promote your brand. It can be used by marketers and those who want to drive traffic to their site in a very good way. It is quickly rising and becoming more and more dominant in different countries and is already very highly ranked in the USA.

We will teach you how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your product/website and, eventually, drive more leads, sales, clicks etc. Are you ready to get started?

Welcome to Pinterest!

How To Use Pinterest: A General Guide

The first thing is to get an account. You will have to use the “request an invitation” button or sign-in via Facebook or Twitter. The process is quick and simple so do not worry about it. What is really important is understanding the way “pins” work.

Have you ever used delicious or digg?┬áPinterest is the same sort of social bookmarking site, except that instead of links you bookmark content thanks to the images of the product, site, article or brand. You can organize these pins into pinboards with specific theme. For example, a theme “cupcakes” can have pictures related to┬ádifferent┬ásorts of cupcakes,┬árecipes, baking tricks and presentation tips.

But will the image, once clicked, link to your website? No, this is not how it works, however, bellow the image you can include your own comment or caption and include the link in there. If the picture itself is interesting then users will follow the link to go and check it out.

Your Pins on Pinterest

If you want people to click on your pin it should be something that looks especially interesting, unique and/or useful. We stumbled on this image not too long ago:

An amazing photograph!

Look at how many likes and repins it is getting! And it is driving in some comments as well. If this is a photographer that is using Pinterest to get more traffic to his/her photography portfolio then this sure is the right way to do it. Ok, that’s a nice example, but you are probably here because you want to market a certain product or service and this isn’t exactly that helpful for your case. But the next picture surely will:

So many likes and comments in under 15 minuets!

This is a very cleaver way or marketing an whole clothing collection and look at how quickly it was repined and liked by community! This should help you get a general feel of how to use Pinterest and interact with other users.

Why Use Pinterest And Who Is It Aimed For?

This is probably the most important part of the lesson. You should know that Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than:

  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Reddit

But not just individually, but combined! That’s right! A recent study in January showed that publishers get more traffic from Pinterest than these four websites combined. But who who is browing Pinterest and what kind of products are popular there? Well, first of all you should know that the┬ámajority┬áof users there are women 24 to 54 years of age. The other thing is that this graph clearly shows what is the most popular thing on Pinterest:

That’s right! Shopping!

How To Get More People Interested In Your Pins?

The principle is the same as with Twitter or other social media. To get something back you first have to start giving and sharing. Add people who fall into your targeted group to your friend lists, comment on other pins etc. It is easy to get a hang of using it the right way. To expect to have a lot of people following you and most don’t take the time for this extra step. What really matters are the repins which are pretty much the new retweets.

If you are not a visual brand or product provider then getting popular on Pinterest is not so easy. However, if you are as creative as The Daily Show you can easily overcome this issue.

Pin It Button And iPhone Pinterest App

Finally, Pinterest has made promotion of your website easy for both your and the other users who visit your website. Visit their Goodies page to get free apps and button codes you can include on your page.

Pinterest for iPhone

You can get the most of their services on your iPhone with this useful app. It lets us use all the features you could use from you computer but with much better usability for iPhone. It even lets you use you camera directly to create pins!

Pin it button integration

Another very easy and effective way to promote your website and get your visitors to follow you on Pinterest is to create a “Pin it” button for your paged and/or posts. You just need to enter a few links and they supply you with a finished HTML code. will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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