Amazing Sport Website Designs And Industry Trends

The Sport Industry is very popular and has a lot of earning potential which means that their web presentation also need to be well thought out and beautifully designed.

Sport portals and big companies invest a lot of money into this! You’d even be surprised which companies run WordPress sites.

And I think it’s money well spent. A great website design can really do wonders for your business. It also gives increased credibility and legitimacy in your industry.

There are different categories of sport websites, out of which most popular seem to be sport news portals which are rich in content and updated daily.

Sport Website Designs And Their Key Factors

The design of each website should be unique and different with its own custom theme that stands out. But even so, the structure of these websites stays quite similar and there certain elements you will notice on just about all major portals.

  1. Featured news:¬† The content of a sports portal has to be updated daily and there are usually several writers working in shifts snipping the best and newest news to present. The featured section usually contains special original articles that aren’t found in any similar form on other websites or the news that are the most popular at the moment.
  2. Large Catchy Photos: In the spirit of sport website designs these photographs go well with the theme as long as the athletes are in a dynamic pose. The larger photos are only featured for the latest news, while other articles on main page come with a smaller thumbnail.
  3. The Colors: Black, red, orange and white are mixed a lot, but colors such as silver, green or blue are also very common to see on a sport portal. Examine the showcase bellow to see exactly how the pros do it!

Sport Website Designs Showcase

1. Yahoo Sports Portal

yahoo sports web design
Homepage snapshot

Good looking portal but with one problem: navigation. There is a lot of content and a lot of categories and on your first visit it may be hard to find what you are looking for. The use of featured posts and big photographs from actual games drive the readers exactly where Yahoo wants them to go.

2. ESPN Redesigned

espn redesign
Homepage snapshot

A lot of people had some negative comments on the new ESPN look but there isn’t much to scold as the design is quite clean and in the spirits of sports. It is actually quite good and very user friendly.

3. Sports Illustrated

sport templates inspiration
Homepage snapshot

Probably one the best sport website designs out of all the major ones! Very clean and easy to navigate once you get past the header. It is a part of CNN so no wonder they had t he funding to get all this done.

 4. Kobe Bryant

sport design inspiration
Homepage snapshot

Many athletes are brands by themselves and need their own personal website to stand out. K. Bryant has a great website that is very modern and clean. Lovely logo as well!

5. Wellington Lions

sport website designs
Homepage snapshot

A very inspirational sport website design that the Lions can be proud of! The dark, textured look is fitted great with the silver and yellow styles that go all around through the website.


football web design ideas
Homepage snapshot

Very clean and very professional. The site is constantly updated with latest content so their way of handling things and making it user friendly is really good.

7. Nike Basketball

sport industry web design inspiration nike
Homepage snapshot

No list concerning sport website designs can exist without Nike which has the best design  in all sectors when compared to just about any other brands in the industry. Browsing their websites will be a great inspiration for any designer!

8. Reebok

sports web design ideas
Homepage snapshot

If anyone can stand up to Nike and claim the spotlight then it is Reebok’s website. Their homepage is great with simple and easy navigation and a lot of cool features. The design will¬†especially¬†appeal¬†to young people.

9. NBC Sports

sport website design ideas
Homepage snapshot

When it comes to looks the great black-silver-yellow combination NBC uses is great! It is very clean and professional, however, the banner ads that they display in the header are very ugly and annoying.

10. Oklahoma City Thunder 

basketball web design ideas
Homepage snapshot

Very dynamic and very modern and easy to access. The information is perfectly nested and the design is appealing. This NBA club really has a nice presentation out there.


There you have it. Those are my top picks for the best sports site designs. Let us know what your favorites are or if any other sites should be added to the list! will feature articles on WordPress (themes, plugins, and tutorials, Internet Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design, and Social Media

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