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Some day I’ll get around to writing an extremely worthwhile About page. Until then, here’s a little about me and WPSite.net:

The Story Behind WPsite.net

In 2010, I was already active with WordPress for several years, and stumbled upon the domain wpsite.net. At that time, the site had a different owner and, for lack of better words, was a spammy site. However, the domain name was attractive so I acquired it with no specific plan, nor any time to develop it further. I told myself it would be a great challenge to rebuild the site from scratch and flex my SEO and web development muscles. Since most of my time is consumed building WordPress sites, what better name for a site, heh?

Fast forward to 2013… and I finally got around to building the site. It’s real purpose is to serve as my lil’ playground on the web where I can share ideas, tips, goodies, and anything else that comes to mind. Personally, I think everyone needs their own playground, and WPsite.net is my home on the web. Where’s your playground?

WPsite.net will feature articles on WordPress tutorials, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Web Design, Blogging, SEO, and Social Media. Occasionally, we’ll throw in some web design goodies and e-books for you to learn how to manage a website. We also provide some candid feedback on managing clients, and hiring freelancers. If you’re interested in learning about these topics, and using the right tools to help you succeed on the web, then you should definitely bookmark this site. If you’re a social media freak, or just getting started, then get us on your contact list now.

Don’t  be shy. We’re just starting out on the web and would love to have you on our list of followers.

So who am I?

My name is Charlie Patel (@CharliePatel) and I’m a WordPress developer, and aspiring designer. I’ve held – and currently still hold – an assortment of roles.

At 21, I started my career as a project manager in an Information Management Leadership Program for one of the largest companies in the world. The caliber of individuals I worked with helped me grow quickly, manage large projects, and learn real-world skills that are typically not available to someone at such a young age.

Thereafter, I joined a management consulting firm and provided financial and operations consulting services to Fortune 100 clients. I dealt with a merger of 2 major pharmaceutical companies, and consulted one of the largest government agencies on how to handle complex derivatives accounting. During that time, I worked directly for senior executives in charge of a multi-billion dollar portfolio, and my responsibilities included drafting the requirements and building robust systems to handle their transactions.

After a few years, the entrepreneur in me decided it was time to start my own project management consulting firm. It was very successful and within its first year reached made $1m in revenue. I continued running the firm and building business relationships with executives who would later take C-level roles at companies we all know. Needless to say, the contacts I made and network I built is a tremendous asset, and one I am glad to have should the need arise for me to go back to a corporate environment.

Even during my professional career, I always had an entrepreneurial mindset, and constantly came up with ideas. Whenever, I could not figure out how to execute on the ideas, I’d spend countless hours every night reading about the subject matter and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. This has paid off for me as I have gradually developed somewhat of a variety-pack of skill sets. For example, I once needed to build a website, and after spending thousands of dollars on a freelancer who never completed the project, I started to learn WordPress. In most web-related topics, I am self-taught and have no formal training in any coding languages, or any design applications.

I had successes and failures up to this point. Many other ventures such as starting the largest volleyball facility in the east coast and developing an online project management business all ended prematurely. However, the lessons learned were priceless and I’m glad to have experienced such ups and downs. It’s made me a smarter, more well-rounded individual.

In 2008, a friend and I started a WordPress theme shop – Gabfire Themes – Check it out if you have a minute or need a solid new theme for your WordPress site. We make some really functional themes, and have quite a strong and loyal community of users. Through Gabfire, I’ve met some amazing people and worked with awesome clients. Many who are running a Gabfire theme on their popular websites.

In 2011, I decided to take a break from the corporate world and travel the real world (again). As a world traveler, I’ve been fortunate to have seen most of the world – about 70+ countries thus far but who’s counting? As I continue to see new places and meet new faces, I’m blown away by the beauty of our world and its people. I don’t think I’ll ever stop traveling. One of my goals is to – one day – create a new business that allows me to travel the world and work from anywhere. This blog and the many more ideas in my head are just a first step towards achieving that goal.

Provided I’m in the country, I am situated near NYC, but find myself in Washington DC occasionally. I work with large clients on websites and SEO. I love WordPress and good design, and hope / need to write more about it.

If you need to get in touch with me, just mention me on Twitter, Google+, or contact me here.

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